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March and April in KDE PIM

Tuesday, 7 May 2024 | KDE PIM Team

Here's our bi-monthly update from KDE's personal information management applications team. This report covers progress made in the months of March and April 2024.

Since the last report, 36 people contributed more than 1300 code changes. Most of the changes will be available in the coming KDE Gear 24.05 release.


When Akonadi stores the timestamp of when a database entry has been last modified, the conversion from user's local time zone to UTC and back now works correctly regardless of the database engine used BKO#483060.


KOrganizer has received a number of bug fixes:

  • Fixed parsing of events with all-day recurrence rules (BKO#483707)
  • KOrganizer now correctly tracks active (selected) tasks in the ToDo View (BKO#485185)
  • Creating a new event from the date navigator in top left corner uses the correct date now (BKO#483823)
  • Custom filters for event views in KOrganizer work again (BKO#484040)
  • Improved handling of calendar colors
  • The iCal Resource now correclty handles iCal calendars generated by Google Calendar, which previously caused an endless loop and high CPU usage by the Akonadi iCal Resource (BKO#384309)
  • The ToDo view in the KOrganizer side-bar now works even when the Todo View isn't open
  • The "Custom Pages" settings page, which didn't worked for years, have been removed
  • Fixed a crash on exit after the Settings dialog was opened (BKO#483336)

g10 Code has kindly sponsored Dan's work on those bug fixes and improvements.


  • Fixed name of UI element being too long (Hide/Show Sidebar) (BKO#484599)


  • Fixed a regression in the message composer that caused attachments to not get automatically encrypted when encrypting a message (T7059)
  • Fixed not translated shortcut (BKO#484281)
  • Fixed Monochromatic icons in system tray not always used (BKO#484420)
  • Fixed some not extracted i18n string (BKO#484186)
  • Allow to change print layout when we export as pdf (BKO#480733)
  • Fixed KMail unexpectedly trying to connect to (BKO#483283)
  • Fixed KMail's config dialog taking a long time to show up (BKO#484328)

Identity Management

A new feature will arrive in 24.08: Plasma-Activities support (only Linux). So these class were adapted for supporting it. A check was added in KMail/Akregator/Knotes/KAddressbook, all work is in progress at the moment.


The certificate details (user IDs, subkeys, certifications, etc.) are now shown in a single window. Additionally, information about the smart cards a certificate is stored on is now shown.

Further improvements are:

  • The creation of OpenPGP certificates was simplified by replacing the complicated advanced settings with a simple selection of the algorithm and the validity period.
  • If the search for certificates on a server takes longer, a progress dialog shows that the search is still ongoing. If no certificates are found, a corresponding message is shown instead of just showing an empty list of results. (T6493)
  • Certificates stored on TCOS smart cards (e.g. the German Signature Card V2.0) are now imported automatically. Previously, the import had to be triggered manually. (T6846)



Martín González Gómez implemented a new article theme for Akregator which is not only more readable for long-form content but also adapts correctly to dark color themes.

Akregator's new dark article theme.

Akregator has received a number of bug fixes:


Our travel assistance app Itinerary now shows more details about vehicle and train coach amenities, informs about daylight saving time changes at travel destinations and received many more fixes and improvements for extracting travel documents. See Itinerary's own bi-monthly status update for more details.

Itinerary showing train ammentities in journey search results.


Merkuro now make uses of the new Date and Time picker from Kirigami Addons instead of bringing it's own. The date picker instance is also now shared in multiple places to reduce memory and CPU usage and speedup opening the even editor.

Merkuro date picker

Various dialogs were also modernized.

Merkuro import dialog

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