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Ota osaa

Kontactin lähdekoodi on jaettu monissa osiin eri lähdevarastoihin: on helppo eksyä ja hukkua, jos asia on uusi. Jos haluat osallistua Kontactin kehitykseen, lue vain tämän sivun aineistot ja ota yhteyttä. Autamme sinua löytämään tiesi koodiin.

Please start by reading some information on the KDE PIM Community wiki.

Aloittelijan tehtävät

Looking for some simple tasks to get started with improving Kontact? Then check out our junior jobs. We have collected a number of tasks that are fairly simple and isolated and don't require in-depth understanding of the entire codebase and architecture - perfect entry point into the beautiful world of Kontact.

If you would like to start working on some task, feel free to assign it to yourself (unless it's already assigned to someone else) and let us know in the comments below the task.

Build Kontact from Sources

Follow this Guide how to get started with Kontact development. It contains links to many other useful wiki pages with lots of information.

We also have a Docker environment so that you can develop and test Kontact in safe isolation from your production setup.

Get in Touch!

The Kontact developers generally hang around on the #kontact and #akonadi IRC channels on Libera Chat. Most development-related discussions take place on the kde-pim mailing list. Just join in, say hi and tell us what you would like to help us with!

Not a Programmer?

Not a problem! There are plenty of other tasks that you can help us with to make Kontact better even if you don't know any programming languages!