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Kontact 個人資訊管理

Kontact 個人資訊管理

Kontact is a feature-rich personal information management suite created by KDE. Kontact unifies all our PIM applications into a single window so that you can deal with your emails, calendaring, news and other data even more efficiently. You can also run each of the components of Kontact as a standalone application.


We believe that software should adapt to your workflows, instead of forcing you to adapt to theirs. Kontact is highly configurable and customizable so that you can set it up exactly the way that works for you. Check out the individual pages for Kontact's components to get an overview of some of the features each of them can offer.


Kontact supports a large variety of email, calendaring and addressbook services and protocols and can be easily extended to support additional services. You don't need to change your email provider or migrate your calendar elsewhere just to get it synced into Kontact. Just point Kontact at the service where your PIM data are and Kontact will display it and keep it synchronized.

Kontact can also import your PIM data and some settings from other PIM suites like Thunderbird and Evolution.


Kontact supports all modern security standards to protect your privacy. All communication with remote servers is encrypted by default using the industry standard SSL/TLS encryption. Kontact also has a built-in support for signing and encryption emails with GPG and S/MIME and it can automatically verify emails signatures.

Kontact is configured by default to protect your privacy by blocking loading external content, automatic responses and other tricks often used by scammers.


All components of Kontact are well integrated together. KOrganizer can send meeting invitations through email accounts configured in KMail. KMail will render meeting invitations and show you conflicts with events in your calendars. You can mix your Todos and regular events in KOrganizer's Agenda view.

Free and Open Source

Kontact is free (both as in free speech and free beer) and completely open source. It means that the source code is out there for anyone to see, audit and improve.

We pride ourselves in our openness and our focus on protecting users' privacy. Kontact will not spy on you, won't show any advertisement, it will not store your sensitive data somewhere in a proprietary cloud or share them with anyone else. See the KDE Software Privacy Policy for more details.